Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 16 York Region


Executive Council Members & Officers

 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL                                       
 President  Sandy Glassford  District Office  sandy.glassford@osstfd16.on.ca
 1st Vice President   Muna Kadri District Office  muna.kadri@osstfd16.on.ca
 Vice Presidents Marsha Bloom Newmarket H.S.  
  Katrina Collins Stouffvillle DHS  
  Darryl Newbury Thornhill S.S.  
 Occasional Teachers Diane Truong O.T. Branch  occasionals@osstfd16.on.ca
 Treasurer Terry Price O.T. Branch  
 Provincial Councillors  James Lane Tommy Douglas  
  Iain Beaton Unionville S.S.  
 Executive Officer  Gerry Harrison District Office  gerry.harrison@osstfd16.on.ca
 Chief Negotiator & Staffing Officer Doug Brydie District Office   doug.brydie@osstfd16.on.ca
 Communication/Political Action & Excellence in Education    Blair Vowles District Office  blair.vowles@osstfd16.on.ca
 Educational Services Michelle Best Vaughan S.S.  
 Status of Women  Vanessa Stoby Middlefield C.I..  
 Human Rights Nicole Baxter Middlefield C.I.  
 Health and Safety Officer Scott West District Office  scott.west@osstfd16.on.ca